Jan 25

Fix for iPad apps not opening.

Today I woke up and two of my favorite apps on my iPad would not open. I knew what to do right away. Charge it to above fifty percent, then complete an update. After the new update, everything began to … Continue reading

Jan 25

MacBook Pro Headphone Jack Fix

recently the headphone jack on my MacBook Pro quit working. I found a quick fix that I doubted would work, but decided to try it anyway. It worked and I was surprised. This happened to me yesterday. I tried two pairs  … Continue reading

Jan 02

Mark May Twitter comments. Ohio State Buckeyes win over Alabama


Last night the Buckeyes beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and go on to the championship game January 12, 2015, at 8:30 PM. Mark May is getting his nose rubbed in it on Twitter. Here are some of the comments: … Continue reading

Photos of our purebred german shepherd.


Purebred german shepherd light-colored

Purebred german shepherd light-colored

This photo is our german shepherd, Nessie at the age of two. She is a 98 lb. purebred and is quite large for a female. We were going to breed her, but found that she has hip dysplasia. She is light colored, extremely intelligent and quite a beauty. Nessie loves playing frisbee.






Dec 11

X-Ray of dislocated shoulder.

Xray of shoulder dislocation.

This is an x-ray of my mom’s dislocated shoulder. She was taken to the hospital after falling and waited in the ER with it like this for over three hours. She said the pain was worse than her knee replacement … Continue reading

Nov 18

Hell Is Real in Ohio


How about these road signs on route 71… Like this:Like Loading…

Jun 14

Ulnar nerve entrapment & tennis elbow surgery, day 22


My arm is still stiff and now I am wearing an annoying brace. I have to wear the brace 24/7, I am even sleeping in it. I start physical therapy next week. Wahoo. Like this:Like Loading…