Jun 11

Ulnar nerve entrapment & tennis elbow surgery, day 11


Today I got my cast removed and 16 stitches removed. I was given a copy of the op report and found out that the surgeon repaired three torn tendons and relocated my ulnar nerve. He reattached the tendons with a … Continue reading

Jun 03

Ulnar nerve entrapment & tennis elbow surgery, day 5

It is day five and my arm is still in a cast. The pain is getting a bit easier to deal with. I’d describe the pain in this way: it feels like my arm/elbow area is caught in a bear … Continue reading

Jun 02

My Ulnar nerve entrapment & tennis elbow surgery, Day 1-3

I had the Ulnar nerve entrapment surgery last Friday along with a repair of my extensor tendon. Unfortunately I have had many surgeries, and of all the surgeries I’ve had (both shoulders, a SLAP tear, reattachment of bicep tendon, rotator … Continue reading

May 12

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Suspected Intruder During Attack

Columbus, Ohio. COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man suspected of breaking into a south Columbus home early Monday morning was shot and killed, according to police. According to Columbus police, officers were called to the 900 block of Bruckner on a … Continue reading